– Ron & Sherri (Mesa)

– Robert & Lynne (Mesa)
October 8, 2018

In 2010 we were fortunate to meet RE Options. We had listed our Mesa, Arizona home for the previous three years but were not able to sell it through three real estate brokers. Within a few weeks, RE Options had a reasonable offer on our home, and we accepted the offer. There were many complications arising from the buyer’s inspection and appraisal of our home, but RE Options overcame all of them. We had moved to Utah a year before our Mesa home was sold and were not able to physically assist in any way.

When it appeared that the real estate transaction was in danger of terminating, RE Options was able to clear all of the hurdles and coordinated with building contractors to oversee repairs and alterations to our home so the sale could close successfully.
My wife and I are huge fans of RE Options. Over the years they have also become our trusted friends and we unhesitatingly recommend RE Options to anyone desiring an honest, hard-working, intelligent and highly motivated real estate broker for either a home purchase or sale. RE Options will get the job done for you in an outstanding fashion.”